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Great Lakes
Equestrian Show
Rental Rates to be
published for future shows
Great Lakes Golf Cars is pleased to be able to participate in the 2018 Great Lakes Equestrian Show.  
We provide 2 passenger, 4 passenger & Utility car rentals.  You can choose the type, quantity,
and duration of golf cars to fit your needs.  
Reserve early for best selection!
Rental Duration
animated horse with rider
2 Passenger
2 Passenger Precedent Rental
4 Passenger
4 Passenger Precedent Rental with windshield, lights, brush guard
XRT 800 Standard Utility Rental with lights and brush guard

For rentals processed by
June 23, 2018!
& payment
completed - see above
for details.
Book ahead incentives
$10 off daily rate
3 Day Weekend
$20 off weekend rate
$30 off weekly rate
$30 off monthly rate
Call us toll free at
Call us locally at
Reserve early for Early Discount Incentives call 231-258-7040
to book your golf car rental or send it online with our rental reservations form.   To process
your rental we require a completed
vehicle lease agreement with insurance declaration page
(see item 12b on the agreement)
and your rental payment.  
We accept personal checks, cash, and credit cards: Visa/Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
Thanks for your interest and happy trails.